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Turning Twenty

The twenty-first century is maturing. Time flew through its adolescence. Will we manage a world hopefully enduring With love, peace and effervescence? At its birth we used the word ‘millennial’ And we all survived the Y2 Scare. But the growing … Continue reading

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Noise Pollution

Blood pressure up, senses heightened, nerves on edge… not in response to potential danger, or to a deer sighting within shooting range or to too much coffee, but to NOISE, lots of it, ALL THE TIME. Motivation, learning, memory, productivity … Continue reading

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Late Harvest Treat

Magic was involved. Had to have been because after one bite I knew I was going to eat the whole heaping plateful right then, with my unwashed fingers, from the driver’s seat, before I told anyone about its power because … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead

Too many of us buy into the idea that unless we paint, play a musical instrument, write poetry or compose music, we are not creative. I like the definition of ‘creative’ in the Cambridge dictionary. It suggests that creative souls … Continue reading

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Ice Box Roll Recipe

In my family this is a favorite dessert served only at Christmastime – an ice box roll. My paternal grandmother Della Cecilia (McKinney) Pearson made several a couple of weeks before Christmas so we could enjoy a slice each day … Continue reading

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A Southern Thang

It was a travesty, I know, to open a can of black-eyed peas for luck, dump it into a saucepan, add slices of bacon for health and simmer that while I mixed up a batch of pre-packaged cornbread mix representing … Continue reading

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Resolve to Read in 2020

You know those folks who don’t like various foods touching on their plates? I am not one of those – unless something is put there I don’t like. It gets covered with bread, which doesn’t like me, and disappears from … Continue reading

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